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Life can feel challenging and overwhelming at times, 

It can also be difficult to talk to others close to you when struggling with something that has been happening in your life. You might be feeling any advice they offer is not really helpful or you may be worried about any judgements they may make. One of the most beneficial things about psychotherapy and counselling is that it provides a safe place in which it is ok to express all your feelings, where you can be properly heard and listened to without being offered advice or judged. 

Although it may not feel like it as you are reading this right now we always have the opportuntity to make new choices about how to live our lives. Even if it is a case of choosing to find different ways of viewing something that cannot be changed or accepting that while other people may not ever change we can change how we relate to them. This can all be explored within the counselling environment where the emphasis is very much on working together in therapy so that you can bring about lasting changes in your life. 


Whether you are struggling with something that is impacting your life and want things to change, looking to better understand your relationships with others or wanting to better understand yourself for personal development then counselling may be for you. Please feel free to take a look at my website, if you feel we might work together you are very welcome to contact me by telephone or email. 



My Choice Psychotherapy
My Choice Psychotherapy
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