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My approach

I generally work with clients using Transactional Analysis (TA) which provides a theory of personality, relationships, communication and child development. It looks at how we relate to ourselves and to other people, this enables us to understand how we interact with people in our lives and to see what is happening within our relationships.

The fundamental philosophy of TA is that everyone has the ability to think and can influence their life by the decisions they make, furthermore any decision can be changed. Individuals are responsible for their behaviour, thoughts and feelings. This means we all have the potential to make new decisions about our lives and to implement positive and lasting changes. 


TA is a very active process where as a client you will take responsibility for investing in your own therapy. My aim is always to work alongside clients to help them achieve lasting changes rather than solving or 'fixing' problems for them. Openness, trust and involvement are all essential to both the process and in building an effective therapist/client relationship. To achieve the greatest results, both the therapist and the client need to be fully committed to this process. 

Creating a personal contract for your therapy is also central to the therapist/client relationship in TA. To do this, we will work together to identify what you want from therapy and these will become our aims and goals.



All counselling sessions take place in a safe, relaxed, comfortable and confidential environment in a room specially designed for therapeutic work.







Making the decision to seek out counselling is a big step. It is very important that you feel comfortable working with your therapist in order to get the best from your sessions. To help you get to know whether I am the right therapist for you I initially arrange a telephone conversation so we can discuss what you are looking for from therapy, I would then look to arrange our first session if you feel we can work together.

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